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To bee or not to bee: the biology of bees and the biochemistry of honey

This activity was presented at the Science on Stage Festival 2022 and represented Switzerland.

Sweet understanding: learn about the science of honeybees and their sugary product through a series of hands-on activities.

Thomas Scheuber 2023 Science in School
Bild: Thomas Scheuber, Science in School, April 2023

In a series of experiments, students learn about bees, try a biological method for distinguishing real honey from artificial honey, and investigate different biological and biochemical aspects of honey. An article on the chemical aspects will follow in a later issue.

The activities are suitable for secondary school students aged 14 and older. They are related, so, ideally, they should all be done as part of a larger project on bees and honey, but the activities can also be carried out individually.


Thomas Scheuber is a biology teacher at the Gymnasium Kirschgarten in Basel, Switzerland. He represented Switzerland at the Science on Stage festival in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2022, with his experiments using honey, and he recently completed further training as a beekeeper.

Autoren: Thomas Scheuber

Quelle: Science in School, Issue 62 - April 2023


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